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Tips for Online Shopping Payment

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Tips for Online Shopping Payment

No hotel, coffee shop, airport Wi-FI

That’s a given, right? We know how easy it is to hack into them. If you’re looking up the price of a hotel room or reading the latest news, then obviously free Wi-Fi is OK, but not for important stuff like banking.

Trusted websites now feature an HTTPS protocol as the root address of the website, which basically means the website is encrypted. You’ll know you’re not at an HTTPS site because Google Chrome will trumpet for you that it’s “Not secure” at the top of the page.

That stands for a virtual private network, and it encrypts your data and makes it somewhat private, making it safer to surf, even in free Wi-Fi zones. (You’re on the internet, after all.) VPNs charge monthly to use their services.

Speaking of passwords, one thing we’re told to do often is to move to two-factor authentication, to input two passwords instead of one as a more effective way to keep hackers away. But the fact is, most of us refuse to do it because it’s hard enough typing in one password. Who wants to wait for a code to show up and have to do it again? Google has a good solution in prompts. Instead of making you type in a code, it simply sends you a message and asks if you want to sign in.  

You hear it all the time. Accept every software update. They are issued to keep your system more robust and up to date. It’s not just the operating system on your computer and phone that needs to be updated. So don’t leave out your network router and internet devices at home like the Ring doorbell and Nest thermostat as well. 

Don’t sign in with Facebook 

Many of us hate the log-in and password process so much that we take the lazy way out. Meaning when the website asks us if we’d like to sign in with our Facebook credentials instead, we eagerly said yes. Don’t do it. According to a study, you’re giving up a lot. Third-party trackers can pick up tons of personal information when you do this, which is not something you signed up for.

This is a given, right? You get an e-mail, it looks authentic, and in it is a request to click a link to confirm your account. Before you do this (please don’t) check the e-mail address to see if it was really written by the company it claims to be. Usually, it’s not the case.

Fill out contact lists on your phone 

So when the boss does call, the correct number will match the name. Additionally, if you have a good, robust contact list, you’ll only answer calls from known contacts and be able to skip robocalls. Apple has a new feature in the iOS13 software that sends all non-contact calls directly to voicemail.